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TimberWolf is a game engine programmed in C++17 that is designed to utilize multiple layers of abstraction to offer a very high-level interface for programming games, while still offering access to the lower-level abstraction layers for more advanced users with more specific needs.

It is designed to be highly performant, using compiled native code, a multithreaded game loop, access to GPGPU features, a modern shader-based graphics pipeline, and the latest graphics APIs.

One of the more important goals, however, is to be cross-platform. TimberWolf has an OpenGL graphics subsystem, with a Vulkan option in the works now. As these APIs are available on any OS (unlike Microsoft’s DirectX) any game programmed with TimberWolf can be used on any operating system without needing to port the codebase.


TimberWolf is still in active development, and the API is still in the alpha state. As such, it is not recommended for production work, however, if you’d like to get your hands dirty and help out with the development, that would be great!

TimberWolf is an open source project licensed under the MIT license. It goes great with any open or closed-source project, and can be used commercially (per the terms of the MIT license, read it before using it).