Danger Zone Games

Danger Zone Games is an American game studio located in Sandy, UT. It was founded on February 5, 2018 by Alexander Barber, at the time a professional web developer and Linux sysadmin.

Our Mission

At Danger Zone Games, we believe that the community behind our games is what creates the excitement, the memorable moments, and eventually the nostalgia. We want to create games that you can buy once, and after that they become a part of you as much as you become a part of them. We don’t fill our games with micro-transactions to prey on our users, we don’t condone DRM to punish our paying customers for the actions of others, and we love to contribute back to the community by making much of our work available under open source or creative commons licenses.

Team Members

Alexander Barber Founder, President, and Lead Developer https://dangerbarber.com/