Danger Zone Games produces a few apps, serving a variety of desktop, mobile, and web platforms. These are the tools that we have created to enable our users to produce game content, manage game servers, and generally help them get things done with ease. Some of our tools are open source, particularly those that serve as front-end UI layers for our open source game engines.

Please bear with us as we finish up some of these projects. Danger Zone Games is a relatively new company, and unfortunately has limited resources to devote to these projects. If any of these projects interest you, please keep an eye on them as progress is made and releases roll out. We hope you’re as excited about these new products as we are to be creating them!

Android Apps

  • HyperTrace – a traceroute app that provides 2-dimensional chart showing response times of servers along the pinged route, similar to MyTraceroute on linux
    • A free version supported by ads will be available, as well as an ad-free pro version ($2.49), which will also be set to receive future feature updates, such as saving reports.
    • The expected release date is June 1, 2018. It will be released on the Google Play Store.