Android Apps

We are in the process of developing a few general purpose android apps, and expect more of them to be in production in the future. These apps may or may not be game related, although many of them will be of particular use to developers and network administrators supporting our game development and operations.

DRM-Free Promise

One of the core tenets of Danger Interactive LLC and Danger Zone Games is that all of our software will be available DRM-free. This is because we believe that the illegal behavior of some should not preclude the rights of the honest, paying customers, to whom we owe a high quality product.

All of the Android apps that we produce are no exception to this rule, and customers will receive DRM-free apps. While uncommon, some of our apps, by nature, are dependent on online services that are hosted by us. These services cost us money to operate, and as such, they will not work without a valid account, but offline functionality will still be available. Additionally, updates are provided by our app marketplaces, and therefore will require you to be logged into the purchasing account in order to receive updates.

So purchase with confidence, knowing your trust will be returned in kind! Never worry about DRM-lockout frustrations with our customer-friendly apps.